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OMG, this is so wicked! It has actually been a lot of fun check to see how this developed. My batch included apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, dried plums, dried apricots and maybe one other thing I forgot. I used an assortment of dark rums including Bacardi, Myers Spiced Rum, and Appleton Dark. After week 2, yes I checked, the fruit still had all its flavor and a nice kick of rum to boot. Started having visions of myself getting soused eating fortified fruit salad. By week 4, the fruit was beginning to lose flavor and color. And my dried fruits were looking quite swollen. The rum was taking on a reddish hue as well. Hmmm. Week seven is here. Fruit is grey and unappealing - no more visions of fruit salad. But the beverage, this is a drink afterall, is rich and syrupy and has all this wonderful flavor that while strong is quite smooth. It tastes more potent than my original rum - so I'm guess a little addition fermentation took place. The color has also deepend to a lovely reddish amber. Now I wish my batch had been bigger to give as a holiday gift. Thanks! 2006 Update: Made this again starting my crock in March for Christmas. Yes that's nine months. Put it away and just left it alone. Amazing stuff. Packed up up with some stollen and it was the perfect gift for a German friend. The biggest challenge was we all fought over the 80 proof fruit which ufter being yucky became wonderful all over again. For eating purposes, the fall fruits and dried fruits worked best. Maybe I should start the 2007 batch now. Thanks again.

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justcallmetoni December 22, 2006

This is FANTASTIC!!! I really am not a big rum drinker so was a little worried if i would like it or not! No worries... this stuff is smoooooth and tastes so good! We tried it over ice cream tonight and it was awesome!!! I did put more cherries in it than the other fruits and berries... We also tried it hand warmed in a sniffer and liked that as well. This is an excellent drink!!! Thank you so much Thorsten for posting this FABULOUS recipe!!!!

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NcMysteryShopper December 21, 2005

This was easy to throw together since I made it in one batch, not adding seasonal fruit during sommer whenever something were in season. I started in October, so I took what fruits were there.- ONE REMARK CONCERNING THE METHOD WHEN YOU PUT THE RUMTOPF TOGETHER THE TRADITIONAL WAY: Do add 2 parts fruit and 1 part rum whenever fresh fruit is in season,stir very carefully, BUT ONLY add enough rum to cover the fruit completely . This is actually more a fruit preserve than a beverage. Drinking the rum is "just" an nice side effect. :) - - I review this for the World Tour 2005, but due to the fact that it has to steep 6 weeks and Thorsten is my husband, too, I'll not give it any stars.

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Inge 1505 October 23, 2005

I added fruits starting with papaya,following with mangos, grapes, strawberries, pears, apples added a vanilla bean and cardamom that I ground. (Take note in the pictures you can see the beans and cardamom floating). The fruit did get very soggy, lost its color and not eye appealing at all. And was very strong to taste! So I did squeeze the access liquid from it into the rest of it. Then I strained the liquid. I froze some which became very thick and rich like syrup. Tasty! I had some at room temp. as well and this to was quite delish. Would be nice heated or in hot herbal tea. Very relaxing! Thanks for the comfort!

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Rita~ December 28, 2005

This was so delicious I can't believe I forgot to come back and review it. So good I looked up the recipe years later in order to make it again! <br/><br/>Old review: I guess I am starting the reviews for the Rumtopf party in World Tour 2005. This went together pretty easily. The directions are a little confusing but I think I got it right. Mixed the fruit and sugar and let it set for 1 hour. Stirred and added the rum. It says to make sure the fruit is covered so I added more rum to keep it covered. About 1 1/2 cups I think. Some of the fruit was floating though. Hope that is ok. Will update review after the 6 weeks is up. Thanks Thorsten for a traditional German, fun and interesting recipe.

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) July 11, 2014

Excellent instructions, thanks Thorsten! I lost my original recipe, written on the back of a German menu from a restaurant in Wiesbaden, given to me by a friend who lived there! I started my Rumtopf about 6 weeks ago; so far I have added strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, plums, fresh figs and mirabelles. I plan to enjoy it fairly soon - but I have peeped inside already! It is as it should be, a wonderful dark russet colour, with all the fruit being glossy and perfectly preserved. I used amber rum and brown sugar, as I prefer the flavour of brown sugar in Rumtopf. I made this for Christmas and New year 2007/2008 - but I suspect we will have broken into this a long time before then! Thanks for this recipe Thorsten! FT:-) Added 2nd October 2007 - Posted photos to the recipe.

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French Tart October 02, 2007

Just started the rumtopf today! Can't wait until it's ready!

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hippeastrum July 03, 2006

"I'm going to join the Rumtopf Party in World Tour 2005...It was very easy to set up...I'm using a cookie jar on my counter...It will be plenty big enough. I've started with 1 cup of strawberries and blueberries and 2 cups sugar, with enough rum to cover. I hope to add cherries soon, so that it will be ready in time for Thanksgiving." October 17, 2005 Ok, I've been able to try this now, and it is good! I've only had about 1/4 c because I don't drink much, and that was enough for me! Whew! Potent stuff! I think I'll share this with friends. I did take 1/2 cup, including some fruit, with 4 cups of icecream and 1 cup of milk to make a milk shake. It was very good. I will continue making that. Yum! I'm going to be making fruit cake with this too. Thanks Thorsten!

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Chef Patience December 05, 2005

OK, I have put this together and am patiently waiting for 6 weeks to go by so when we can try it! See you back here then!

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~Leslie~ October 24, 2005
Rumtopf (Traditional German Fruit Preserve & Beverage)