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This cake is INCREDIBLE!!! It is not what I expected at ALL! The plum flavor is not dominant at all, more like a gentle under layer of flavor, the spices do not dominate either, and the rum is also not pronounced. They all blend together sublimely to make an exceptionally moist lightly spiced cake. I used 6 T. of dark rum in the cake mixture, and 2 T. lemon juice and 1 T. rum in the glaze. I almost used melted butter instead of the lemon juice and I am eternally grateful I did not follow that impulse. This glaze is exceptional. It is THE perfect glaze for this cake. Be sure to drizzle it on the warm cake slowly so it has a chance to soak in, you will not regret it! I will from now on always have plum baby food in my pantry (along with carrot baby food to make my carrot bars) to make this beauty of a cake. Thanks Carol for another wonderful recipe!

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Michelle S. August 24, 2005
Rum Plum Cake With Rum Glaze