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This is a yummy cake! Even better if you replace the white sugar with brown sugar, packed. I dried my mango and papaya in the dehydrator, so it wasn't quite as "candied" as with the purchased dried fruits. I used Appleton Reserve Jamaican Rum, (it's dark.) The batter was like cookie dough, so I followed instructions and added more rum! After 2 Tablespoons I got a little worried about messing with a baking recipe any more, added 1 more Tablespoon of firmly packed brown sugar, and let it drop into a well oiled bundt pan. It cooked for EXACTLY 1 hour and was perfect. I put a simple powdered sugar glaze and some flaked coconut on top. It turned out just sweet enough and not TOO sweet. My family is IN LOVE with this cake and I will make it again!

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Chef PotPie March 04, 2006

This cake is fabulous; and it gets even better for keeping! We loved it and I will definately be making this recipe again. Thank you for creating this gem of a cake.

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Mrs B March 08, 2006

although this sounded really good in theory it didn't work for me .i baked it in a bundt pan, it hardly rose . i think it would have been better cooked for 1 hour, but that is my fault as i set the oven and didn't check it sooner. my oven bakes slow so i usually have to add more time, but this was overdone and the fruit was chewy. i do think it was a good effort for the contest and i'm sorry it didn't work out better.

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chia February 27, 2006
Rum Fruitcake