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I made this for the "alternative" Thanksgiving dessert selection , for those craving something beyond the expected. To say it went over well is an understatement. One person that managed to put in a bid for a slice the Sunday following just sat there and sorta moaned while eating. Upon inquiry with our normally rather formal and gracious guest, she stated she was great and having a "cheesecake orgasm." Very difficult to reply to your guest when they say that, lol. A couple of points about preparing this, one, I used honey roasted peanuts in the crust. I found the peanut butter cups were best not cut too small but leaving some chunks worked well, about 1/8 of a full size cup or 1/4 of a mini. Adding the brown sugar is a bit of an issue though, as it tends to have small lumps or forms them when you blend it in. It is important you do not overmix the cheesecake batter, so as not to incorporate too much air, which could result in a nasty and unattractive crack in the cake. Next time I think I will blend the peanut butter, cream and brown sugar together seperately, and then add to the cheese mixture. Allow the batter to sit in it's mixing bowl for a few minutes and then sharply rap it against a counter to release some of those trapped air bubbles, which helps prevent cracking issues later. Once added to the pan, lightly shake and tap the pan to help release any last bubbles, but use care to not disturb the crust with rough handling. I am rather paranoid that water from the Bain Marie will seep into springform pans, so what I do is wrap the pan in several overlapping layers of aluminum foil and then place in a very heavy plastic bag, such as the heavy duty duty ones you get at some grocery stores, securing it to the side of the pan with a bit of handy duct tape. Don't worry, the bag will not burn nor melt at this baking temp, comes out good as new, scary thought, lol. When adding the hot water to the Bain Marie, try using very hot water that is nearly boiling, as this will help speed things along a bit, as I encountered a very prolonged cooking time with just hot tap water. Don't open the oven at all until it is truly getting close to the minimum baking time, as opening the oven provokes those dreaded cracks and slows down the baking as well. Allow for just a slight jiggle in the very center of the cake to let you know it's done with baking. Make at least a quantity and a half of the sour cream topping to make sure the top is smooth and evenly covered. Once the sour cream topping has set, DON'T REMOVE THE CHEESECAKE FROM THE OVEN. Turn off the oven and prop the oven door open slightly and leave it in there for at least an hour to allow it to very slowly cool down. Remove from oven and very gently loosen the crust from the side of the pan with a long and thin knife blade, using care not to disturb it too much. Doing this helps the crust to pull away from the pan as the cake contracts in cooling, putting less stress on the cheesecake, lessening the chance of a crack developing. Allow to cool thoroughly on a rack and then refrigerate, preferably wrapped in a kitchen towel to insulate it, so that it chills slowly. Feel free to make your cheesecake a couple of days ahead, it really does improve with a little age. When slicing your cheesecake, using a thin blade that you clean with a cool, wet towel in between EVERY slice, leaving a little moisture on the blade. This method gives you a cleaner slice of this almost heaven. I guilded the lily and plated this with homemade caramel and ganache sauces, along with some pb cup pieces and chopped honey roasted peanuts. All this sounds complicated, but in reality it takes very little actual active work, it's all pretty easy in the end and will convince people you are the Queen of Cheesecake. Btw, if you are just not able to go through the anti-crack steps, don't worry, heck with it, it will still taste awesome, even if a crack does develop. If this happens, just strategically cover any oops with pb cups, nuts and sauces, likely no one will notice and definitely won't care after they wrap their mouth around this lucious little number. Thank You Peggy for sharing :)

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Ismy Echo December 09, 2006

This cheesecake turned out beautifully! I didn't have a deep enough pan to do a true water bath (the water only came up about 3/4" on the side), so I baked it until the internal temp was 160 degrees. It was gorgeous! No cracks or unsightly browning. We easily got 20 slices from this cheesecake. My husband said it was better than the peanut butter cheesecake he always gets at The Cheesecake Factory! I love how it looks like a restaurant cheesecake. Thanks for this delicious recipe!
What I did: I read that it is best not to over beat the batter after the eggs are added, so I added the eggs last - just before stirring in the peanut butter cup pieces. Also, I opted for a hot fudge drizzle instead of the sour cream topping. Once cheesecake reached internal temp of 160 degrees, I removed it from the water bath and placed it on the stovetop burner to cool. I read to invert a plate over the top of the cheesecake to trap in moisture and slow down the cooling process as that is supposed to help prevent cracking. I let it cool for 4 hours at room temp, and then overnight in the fridge. I did loosen the crust from edge of pan before putting it in the fridge, and before removing the pan. I also put parchment paper (cut to fit pan) in the bottom to aid in removal from bottom of springform pan. Some wrote that they had too much oreo crumbs for the crust . . . I loved the large quantity of crust ingredients. It allowed me to extend the crumbs all of the way up the side of the pan. Beautiful!

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jamierose78 May 10, 2011

I created a food.com profile just so I could review this recipe. That is how good this cheesecake is. It is amazing, decadent, delicious. Think of the most delicious food adjectives available, and the apply them at your will to this recipe. Sooooo good. I made the cheesecake exactly according to the recipe's ingedients, and it turned out perfectly. If I make it again, I will probably chop up fewer oreos because I found that after patting in the crust for my 10-inch cheesecake, I still had about 3/4 cup of leftover oreo crumbs. Also, like others, I had to bake the cheesecake for a longer period of time--closer to 2 hours--to make sure that it set correctly. After 2 hours, the middle was still a little jiggly and it looked perfect. I thought the topping listed looked so-so, so I decided against that. Instead, I spead some room-temperature store-bought hot fudge topping over the top, then topped that with about 8 chopped up reese's PB cups. I also sprinkled some chopped peanuts on the top. Then, to finish, I heated up some additional hot fudge in the microwave and drizzled it over the top and down the sides. Doing all this was an extra step, but I made this cheesecake for the holidays so it turned out looking really festive and beautiful. My husband thought he died and went to heaven. Just a quick note: Do NOT attempt to make this cheesecake in a 9-inch pan. You really need a 10-inch, or the 9-inch will overflow because there will be too much batter. Enjoy!

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Mlhersh December 21, 2010

I was looking for something decadent to enter in an office dessert contest - and I found this recipe. This was my first cheesecake effort. It took a while to prepare and it took 2 hours to bake - but it came our perfectly. I added a chocolate ganache to the topping, outlining the rim and swirling the center of the cake and then place halved mini Reese's cups around the border and sprinkled some additional ground honey roasted nuts over the top (picture included #36). It was a BIG hit and won the contest hands down! I only had a small taste - and it was every bit as rich and decadent as I hoped it would be!!!

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writerfrank December 02, 2012

This was actually the best cheesecake that I have made... how it turned out... how it tasted... everything! I used JIFF (THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER IN THE WORLD) and also used PB Oreos and Honey Roasted Peanuts for the crust. I served this for a dinner party with friends and every single piece went and IT IS RICH I WILL TELL YOU THAT IS FOOOOR SUUUUURE. Milk is great with it! :) the cooking time is pretty close- But I cooked it 15 min more- till the sides were a little pulled away- the top is poofed up a bit and golden brown. I put a 8 X 8 pan underneath on the rack below with boiling water in it- to 'steam' during cooking time... I have NEVER had a crack yet- This method is much much easier that all that water bath stuff- and it works for me! I also don't wrap mine in tin foil to catch the grease drips... i just put the springform on a cookie sheet. Easy Peazy... thank you SOOOOOO much for the contribution! I'll be making this one again...

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Megan Krape April 11, 2007

My oldest daughter selected this cake for me to make for her 23rd birthday. When I saw a picture of the cake I must admit I was intimidated. I examined the recipe and was up for the challenge. I'd never heard of it before and was, intrigued. So I put it together, after watching a chef make it on youtube just to get some tips. I'm glad I checked out the video, his suggestion was to sprinkle the chopped peanutbutter cups half way through the pouring. I nervously waited for the next day to roll around for the cutting to serve to my Christmas Baby (one of 2). It sliced like a dream and tasted heavenly. I was not at all disappointed it the result. Who cares that 4 1/2 cups cookie crumbs is too much for the crust. The cake is OMG!!

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Melanie R. Young December 24, 2015

Huge hit! Made first time for my son's 21st birthday -- daring, I know! So glad I did. Super rich, super yummy. Easy to make, will definitely make again. Thanks for sharing!

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Messy44 November 23, 2013

Fabulous cheesecake - wow! Made this for my fiance's birthday cake, and it was a definite smash hit. Seriously rich, but it's cheesecake, so of course that's to be expected! I mostly followed the recipe as written, other than tweaking a few small detail items to fit my own baking style & personal taste (i.e. I used chocolate grahams rather than Oreo cookies; used less chopped Reese's cups in the batter; used brown sugar instead of white in the sour cream topping; and I chose to make a chocolate ganache glaze which I added after the cake had been in the fridge overnight, then striped with a peanut butter ganache just because I'm persnickety & prefer a more 'clean' finish... ex pastry chef hang-up, I guess!). I baked the cheesecake in a bain marie at the temperature & time given in the recipe (simply foil-wrapped pan to prevent leakage - easy peasy!!). After baking, I removed cake pan from the water bath, removed foil, very gently went around the top of the cake (between cake & pan) with a thin offset spatula, then left on a cooling rack for a couple hours. Before bed I put the whole cake (pan & all) in a Tupperware cake container in the fridge and left it to set-up overnight. In the morning I did the ganache finishes & stuck back in the fridge til serving time in the evening. I always take my cheesecakes out of the fridge about 30 minutes prior to serving to give them a little time at room temp. I use a long serrated knife to cut cheesecakes, running under very hot water & wiping clean with a paper towel between each cut to keep the cake & slices clean for plating. Ta-da.... that's it!! Creamy & delish!! An absolute keeper! As a personal side note, I will probably make this again but omit the Reese's altogether... it was a little bit of over-the-top overkill for me, but that's just my personal taste. I don't think the cheesecake needed all that 'extra' stuff... it would easily stand on its own without the added candy chunks.

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cranberrybrulee February 14, 2013

Followed the recipe exactly as stated. Did not chop up the reese's pb cups, instead spead half the cheesecake mix then layed out 16 regular sized cups then topped with rest of cheesecake mix. Trick is to not lay any cups in center of cake as when you cut it, the middle will not stand high. I let sit in oven for one hour after baking time was over with oven turned off and it did not crack at all.

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whiskeychikah June 28, 2012

So rich! A little goes a long way! Made for Father's day dessert. Instead of the sour cream topping I opted for a chocolate ganache and decorated with mini peanut butter cups. We all loved it, will feed a very large crowd!

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nmj June 16, 2012
Ruggles Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake