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Fabulous and easy!! I was a little concerned about the nut filling so added three tablespoons of butter. These came out so delicious! Lots of complements on my Christmas cookie tray with these as the centerpiece!! I'm going to make them again this weekend with the jam filling! Edit: Made these with almond pastry filling that you can buy in a can at the grocery store in where the pie fillings are sold. Can I just say, "DIVINE"?? A must try. My mom is a rugelach-aholic and she says that this recipe with the almond filling is the best she's ever eaten! Edit no. 2: Made these with apricot jam and almond flour (for the ground almonds). What a great and versatile recipe. These were as delicious as all the other times I made them. SO glad I found this recipe!

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GSCook December 08, 2008

I love rugelach and this was my first time making them. Not complicated to make - you just have to leave yourself sufficient time to put it all together. I made all of the fillings, and when I looked at the date filling and the nut filling, somehow they wanted to be together, so I combined them and that was my favorite filling. Then I added some cinnamon to the sugar that I used for topping. I did NOT brush them with butter after 15 minutes of baking because I thought it would be butter overkill - but next time I believe I will do the extra brush of butter. Thanks for sharing!

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pattikay in L.A. August 24, 2008

Awesome!!!! I made 8 with the date filling, and the rest with strawberry jam. Ground almonds didn't sound appealing to me, so I just used the jam, some of which bubbled out, but most of it stayed in. I will be making these again :-) I had to edit my review to say that my husband LOVED these, and ate half of them while I was in the other room writing the review! For ZWT4 Flying Duchess'

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Random Rachel June 24, 2008

These were good cookies. If you enjoy rich, buttery cookies this is for you. Personally I prefer a lighter taste, but this was nice for a change. I used the nut filling. I also halved the recipe, and froze half of what I made. Thanks Evelyn for the recipe!

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Dimpi August 09, 2006

Evelyn, these were very very good. We enjoyed them immensely. I think next time I may have a better handle on the dough so hopefully they will look better. I used the jam filling. Next time I think I will try the date.

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Sassy Syrah January 22, 2005

Oh! these are sooooo good The best I have ever tasted. Very light and a wonderful flavor. Dough was nice to work with.Good recipe instructions. This recipe will be in my Tried and True cookbook for sure. Thank you

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Dotty2 December 10, 2004
Rugelach (Filled Cream Cheese Cookies)