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I tried these cookies or something similar at my husbands great aunts house. I just loved them. I kept asking for her recipe and she just never wanted to share it. So finally I went on line pulled them up and chose this one. It is absolutely wonderful and possibly even better than the ones I had eaten. The do freeze up great and everyone loves them that tries them. They are definitly going to the cookie swap this year. I also found a quick shortcut. You can buy the large container of pre chopped fruit cake fruit that comes with red and green cherries and the little pineapple chunks instead of doing all that chopping yourself and I also purchase the dates that are pre chopped. This speeds the process up incredibly and tastes emmm just as good....

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Cookiemom November 15, 2008

Excellent cookie if you love fruitcake. By accident forgot the milk but I don't think it mattered. I don't know what they milk would do for the science of the cookie. After reading other reviewers I went to Bulk Barn and purchased chopped mixed fruit and dates. In the fruit mixture it had more than just the cherries but I think it worked out to be terrific. Thanks for such a special cookie to add to the Christmas holiday platter. The bourbon....IS NOT OPTIONAL. This is true it adds such a nice flavor to the cookie.

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usedwpgtv November 18, 2015

These are wonderful, just the right about of spice. My DH who says he hates fruitcake raves about how good these cookies are. I'll be making them again next year. Thanks for posting.

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dcbuff December 21, 2009

This is a "keeper", good flavor and texture. Did not bake at 250^F., instead used 350^F for about 15-17 minutes and the cookies came out great. The spices are well balanced and substituted rum in place of bourbon. Will use more rum next time in order to enhance the flavor.

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busymerry December 07, 2006

These are absolutely the best. We are a low carb family and these are amazing!

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C_L_Helvig November 06, 2005
Ruby's Fruitcake Cookies