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I ran out of corn starch and had to substitue flour. In doing this, I think I actually improved on the original. I made a blonde roux (about 4 min on med low heat) of 2T butter or magarine and 2 T flour. Into the roux I then added 1/3c evaporated milk (again, I was out of cream) and omitted the sugar because of the already sweet-ish evap. milk, 1/3 c chicken broth, the seasonings and cooked on med low until thickened. When processing the caulifower, I only used scant broth to mash and then added that to my already thickened mixure in the pot. Turns out great and tastes richer and creamier than the one I sampled at Ruby Tuesdays.

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maribethk September 23, 2009

This turned out great. It was just like the Ruby Tuesdat's cauliflower. Next time I will use less white pepper and more garlic, but I do remember the original being heavy on the white pepper also. This was a great way to get in lots of veggies! Thanks for posting! Made for PAC fall 09.

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Chef Jean October 01, 2009

Making this recipe was a spur of the moment thing, since I was going to use a head of cauliflower anyway! Decided to make this as a comfort food thing for a shut-in neighbor who's always going on about her love of cauliflower! Even took her the recipe! I did substitute vegetable broth for the water, & only used the 3/4 cup indicated in the ingredients list, rather than the full cup given in the directions (Yeah, that's me, the nit-picker!)! I managed to set aside a small taste-test serving of this VERY TASTY CAULIFLOWER DISH, & it's something I'll be happy to make again for right here at home! [Tagged, made & reviewed just for the 'Halibut!']

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Sydney Mike March 03, 2009

I enjoyed this receipe but found it a little "wet". In the receipe it calls for 3/4 cup of water but then tells you to use 1/2 and then 1/2 of water. I didn't catch this until after I had already done the full cup. It was still tasty but I'll know next time about the water.

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dlyddan March 03, 2009
Ruby Tuesday's Creamy Mashed Cauliflower by Todd Wilbur