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Great tasting pie - VERY sweet. All I could find locally was deep dish pie crusts (I believe they are only 9 inch - no 10 inch that I could find) so this yielded 2 9 inch deep dish for me. I put 1/2 cup nuts in each and 3/4 choc chips, think I will back off the choc chips to 1/2 cup next time. I am not sure if the top is supposed to be golden brown and resemble a cookie, but mine did and the inside was very moist. I pulled them out at 1 hour and 10 minutes as I was afraid I had over cooked them (being smaller). Crust was done and they seemed fone - I just envisioned a custard pie but never having had a buttermilk pie before this may be exactly what it was supposed to be - I don't know. ;) Taste was wonderful - everyone ate it for dessert (Easter) and loved it - but just FYI - it will serve quite a few as it is RICH and decadent!!! Thanks for a lovely recipe, Mama!!

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Mommy Diva April 08, 2007

I lived in Austin TX and enjoyed road trips to Round Top TX and Royer's Cafe. This pie was my favorite and I always intended to bake one at home. After many years yesterday was the day. This pie really is sinfully rich and decadent, loaded with chocolate chips, pecans, coconut and buttermilk custard. Add an ice cold mug of milk on the side and experience the ooey-gooey bliss!<br/>Tip: Use a deep dish pie plate with crust to fit. Also, this is a great recipe to play around with on the add-ins.

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jsv828 November 26, 2014
Royer's Cafe Buttermilk Pie