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Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Created for ZWT5 by the Rail Riding Rowdies for the Mexican Salsa Challenge! Sweet fruit combines surprisingly well with the spicy chipotle chiles! Each item represents one of us!! Tomatoes - Chef PotPie, cuz she's Tangy * Onions - slimPA, he's the only weed in this garden * Garlic - Brooke, adding a little kic * Chili in Adobo - Boo Chef in W TX, she's in a smoky haze and can't see what's going on! * lime juice - mulligan, leftover from tequila shots because she's such a lush * Peaches - realbirdlady, a cool weather fruit * Mongoes - Heidi in Seattle, because it ryhmes with tango and she's always wanted to * Cilantro - NWGal, A little bit of her is often enough for most people * Midori - AuntSana, because it marries so well * Avocado - Midwest Maven, because its creamy and cool and the green matches her eyes

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  1. Combine ingredients through sea salt and refrigerate until ready to serve to allow flavors to mingle. I used a food processor to combine everything so that it gets diced fairly small.
  2. Remove salsa from refrigerator, add diced avocado and midori, if using. Serve!
  3. Keeps very well in the fridge for at least 24 hours.
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6/05/09: A surprisingly spicy salsa, even with all the fruit. Tried this with and without the Midori melon liqueur, but preferred it without. I used about 1 1/2 chipotle chilies in adobe (1 small and 1 large). Used 1/2 large mango and 1 whole small peach. Per DH, this salsa requires a beer on the side. Luckily I picked a ripe mango, or I would have had another ugly fight with this fruit; the hassle of trying to neatly slice mangoes makes this recipe challenging to me, and will limit how often I make this. I enjoyed the avocado, although I wonder how well my leftovers will keep. Garnished with lime slices -- I'm "Slice of Lime Babe" of the Bodacious Brickhouse Babes here for ZWT5's Mexican Salsa Challenge.
4/14/2002: successfully used frozen mangos and peaches and canned tomatoes, using the following conversion rates:
1 medium tomato = 123 g, 1 cup chopped = 180 g
1 medium peach = 150 g, 1 cup slices = 154 g
1 mango without refuse = 336 grams, 1 cup = 165 grams

KateL April 14, 2012

Well I finally got around to making the salsa that I contributed to for ZWT5. I thought it was quite good. I could not find mango anywhere so I just stuck with the peaches and I left out the liquer since I don't keep alcohol in the house. Used red onion and I liked that element a lot.

invictus March 24, 2010

For ZWT 5, the Dining Daredevils. This salsa was unbelievable with the mango, peach, and avocado. I used whole mago and peach, which I thought was really nice. I can't say enough about how good this is.

Studentchef June 04, 2009