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I never write reviews....however, this one needs it....I am qualified to help you here... ha ha....I am a huge home cook with diverse skills - I cook ethnic Italian from training under my mom and grandmother...I cook from all over the world where I've traveled....I think I mastered the pot roast 20 years ago but the braising of pork in milk threw me on this one...I followed the recipe exactly first time, and the second I modified slightly not to break the milk and my answer is that this is the best recipe I've ever tried with a pork roast (okay it ties for Pork but with Ancho chili sauce). Milk and pork may seem odd but in the end it very closely mimics a basic pot roast that I make that adds milk in the end, only this one is with pork. Here are my recommendations for a perfect dish. Buy a pork loin with a lot of dark meat and fat. No need to be particular on the chopping or selection of carrot, leak, onion, garlic - go with what you have and what you prefer (for instance, shallot would go well here). Bouquet garni can be your favorite - i tried the second time with Sage.....most important, luke warm milk, very little salt on the meat (I would pepper it only) or you may risk breaking the sauce. I might also increase the sauce to meat ratio a tiny bit if you are entertaining a large group. The result is fabulous - really a roast suitable for Easter. My accompaniments were roasted garlic smashed potatoes (starchy potatoes, cream cheese, a little milk and garlic/salt/pepper), simple sauted lacinato kale, asparagus and sauted wild mushrooms. Rock star meal. A permanent addition to my recipe collection. Thank you Anthony!!

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atlee9657 March 24, 2015

OMG this is THE BEST pork 'roast' I have EVER made. The 4 of us INHALED it. I even got a pic but it's stuck in my camera. Someday I'll go on a photo posting blitz. The sauce is just wonderful. A definite keeper & perfect for guests. [i]No chance[/i] of a dry piece of meat! A very easy recipe with sublime results!! Woowooowooo...THANK YOU, HailFoodies!!

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Elmotoo November 11, 2007
Roti De Porc Au Lait - Pork Loin With Whole Milk