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Ignore the other two reviewers. I used to go to Rosie's Bakery in Newton, Ma. I've made this excellent, simple brownie recipe and get rave reviews from family and friends. Bake just a little less than the 35 minutes. Other than that. Don't change a thing. The frosting is the type that needs to set on the brownies. So make sure you leave enough time to bake, cool and then let the frosting set for at least an hour. They are perfect for family or entertaining.

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splashmt1_7868325 October 21, 2010

I love these brownies!! The cake part is not overly sweet, and Oh, so moist, but wait, there's a ample layer of fudgy frosting to make sure you get you daily sugar rush. It's a perfect reward for anyone who is a chocoholic, and since I am, I can tell you that. I not only go Rosie's Bakery for them, but I bake them at home at well, exactly as it written in the book, and they are to die for, just like the originals. And, hey, I love their name!!!

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bobbe April 29, 2013

I just corrected all the ingredient amounts--most were off from what the book says. Made these for the family party this weekend and they went over really really well. They are hard to get out of the pan and they are rich. The frosting never sets up but does look shimmery and luscious and tastes great.

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AimeeActivist January 03, 2012

This was disappointing; it wasn't as moist and fudgy as I was expecting from a brownie

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Shasha October 01, 2008

I didn't use stars to rate the recipe because I only tried the frosting recipe, not the brownies. This was about the easiest frosting recipe I ever tried, but I honestly wasn't too thrilled by the flavor, I found it a little too bitter for my tastes. So I added a little more sugar (about 1 1/2 to 2 tbs. more) and a tsp. of vanilla, and for me, that's just what it needed. It was perhaps a bit softer than it might have otherwise been, but that didn't matter. It seemed to be just what it needed, for me at least, and I ended up liking it very much, and it will be replacing my old standby brownie frosting in the future.

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Catwhispers July 01, 2006
Rosie's Bakery Brownies/chocolate Orgasms