Rosemary Sage Pork Chops

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

This delicious and simple recipe for juicy, calls on three kitchen staples -- garlic, sage and rosemary. The chops are pan roasted, cooked in a covered skillet with the herbs, garlic and some olive oil. Covering the pan holds in moisture and helps keep the chops from becoming too dry or tough. This is a family favorite

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  1. Heat a large heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat. Add olive oil. When oil starts to shimmer, stir in sage, rosemary and garlic. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. In the meantime, pat chops dry with paper towels and season both sides with salt and pepper to taste. Increase heat to medium-high and add chops to skillet, directly on top of herb/garlic mixture. Cover skillet and cook chops undisturbed for 5 minutes. Turn chops, cover pan, reduce heat to medium and cook until just cooked through, about 5 minutes for 3/4-inch thick chops. Adjust time according to thickness of chops. Transfer to plates and serve.
  3. Makes 2 to 4 servings.w.
Most Helpful

I'm going to give this recipe 5 stars because my DH likes it so much. He's requested I it once a week. I was looking for a fast pork chop recipe and this turned out to be surprisingly simple and elegant. The herbs brown up nicely. I added some wine and a little broth near the end and let it cook down for a tasty reduction sauce.

nevermind October 21, 2012

This dish really lacked something to give it the wow factor. I was actually very concerned when I went to flip the chops because it looked like a big mess of burnt herbs, but thankfully the chops didn't taste burnt when we ate. They really just didn't have a lot of flavor. I would have considered making a pan sauce with the drippings, but the herbs looked so burnt I didn't think it would work. I never did figure out what to do with the vermouth, and since I didn't have any just left it out.

Erindipity July 20, 2010