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After trying this dessert after it cooled to room temperature, I was going to give it 4 stars. The flavor and texture were nice, but I thought the lemon was a bit too subtle. However, after I tried a completely cooled (from the refrigerator) I had to move it up to 5 star. It was nice at room temperature, but fabulous cold! When cold, the lemon flavor is perfect!

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Cook4_6 June 06, 2008

Excellent recipe. Have made twice, first time I served these after they were cold, the second time while they were warm. Much better when they are warm! Only problem was my children referring to the "pine needles" in the dessert ---- since they ate everything and asked for more --- I assume it wasn't a real problem!

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Ty's Kitchen June 06, 2008

These were very nice. Light and refreshing. We enjoyed the cake part on the top with the cream pudding below. Very subtle lemon flavor. Thank you for a nice, light dessert on a weeknight.

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MathMom.calif June 17, 2007

Wow, these are fabulous. Very light and fresh tasting. Perfect after a flavourful meal. We had a prawn curry tonight and this left you with a lovely fresh flavour. I think if you were in a flash restaurant somewhere and were served these you wouldn't pick the rosemary flavour. It's there and compliments the lemon beautifully but isn't at all overpowering, just perfect. Thank you echo echo, this one goes into my favourites cookbook.

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Jewelies January 18, 2007

I can see why this is your favorite dessert. I loved the light texture of the cake with the surprise of the lemon custard underneath. The lemon and rosemary flavors were very subtle. I forgot to set the timer so they may appear a little dark in the photo, but they were still delicious. Going into my Lose weight feel great cookbook!

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cookiedog January 05, 2007

I made a mistake with this, but it turned out wonderfully nonetheless. Step 3 which calls for the butter to be creamed with the sugar doesn't specify that this should be done in a seperate bowl... and I flaked and went ahead and beat the butter and sugar into the egg whites. D'oh. Mine were probably not as fluffy and light as intended, but they still tasted and looked great. A lovely light and delicate lemon cake with a warm rich lemon pudding underneath- delightful! The rosemary combined wonderfully, but be sure that you crumble it finely or perhaps even grind it, because I had a few big pieces that I ended up chewing on, which I wasn't very happy about. These come out a lovely pale yellow, with a more yellow pudding underneath. I think that you could dress these up a little with a bit of raspberry sauce drizzled over top. But they were lovely as is. I made a third of the recipe (2 custard cakes) which worked well. This tastes much more decadant than it is, and it makes a lovely light spring or summer dessert.

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Roosie July 02, 2005

Ok I'm very much a novice so found this recipe a little difficult.
No instruc5tion in the method of when to add the lemon rind and juice so I mixed it with the butter and sugar before adding the flour and salt.
When adding the eggs and milk to the butter and sugar I ended up with a lumpy mess, so I guess I should have added them gradually?
Must have over whipped my egg whites as they broke into small lumps when trying to fold in to the mixture. So I'm guessing whip to soft peaks rather than stiff?

The end product though lacking finesse was lovely, light and tasty. So I will definitely make them again correcting my errors.

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markfezzer January 10, 2013
Rosemary-Lemon Custard Cakes