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Cook 10 mins

This tonic is helpful for activating the scalp, so it is good for people experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by internal factors, so it is always good to check also with your doctor.

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  1. Put the water to boil, then put the rosemary.
  2. Let it simmering (low fire) for about 10 minute.
  3. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool off with the lid on. Sieve it.
  4. After washing the hair, spill it slowly on your head, being careful so it reaches all points of scalp.
  5. Don't rinse off.


Most Helpful

I just tried this after my evening shower. I don't know, at this point, if it will help my hair loss or not, but it did leave it shiny and smelling good. Thnx for sharing, little. Made for Herb of the Month in the French Forum. April is Rosemary month!

Darkhunter April 24, 2010

This makes the house smell wonderful while you are making it. Not sure if it works on hair loss, but it will lift your mood and is a great hair rinse. Also read some were that smelling rosemary is supposed to help improve memory. Thanks so much for the tag.

Debbwl May 02, 2010

I was not feeling the best. In fact, I just wanted to go to bed. I then remembered I had earlier put together my rosemary hair tonic with the rosemary I had pulled off my bush the other day. First off, the aroma is amazing....when it is simmering on the stove. I almost wanted to drink it, although that is another recipe! I took a long hot bath, and decided to use this at the end, just to give my hair a zip. And it felt wonderful! So clean smelling and soft. The whole next day I felt like I was a Queen! My hair was long and fluffy, and just smelled very herbal in a wonderful way. Perfect recipe little! Made for *Rosemary Herb Month* French Forum April 2010

Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 22, 2010

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