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*Andreas Viestad* is a renown Scandanavian chef, his *Kitchen of Light* his best work & this dish is a classic favorite here in Iceland - esp w/my DH + my MIL who joined us for dinner last nite. I used North-Atlantic cod caught just off the coast of Iceland by my BIL & my immersion blender to puree the rutabaga, but a simple potato masher works very well w/the tender rutabaga & saves using an appliance. I used dried rosemary (sorry), but the outcome did not seem to suffer & certainly did not disappoint. After plating as suggested, I used my pastry brush to lightly brush the cod fillets w/a bit of melted butter & then sprinkled w/fresh-snipped chives (mostly as a color variant, but I like using them too). My DH & MIL were generous w/praise so you should be pleased. I know I was. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis December 05, 2007
Rosemary Cod With Mashed Rutabaga