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I had problems after step 3. The sugar clotted together and didn't coat the almonds.
I passed them to the oven, but after this time the sugar didn't melt.
I sapareted the sugar, heated in the skilled again until it melted and I added the already roasted almonds again, heated and stirred until really coated.
They came out delicious. The fragrance from the rosemary was trasmitted though the fat to the caramel and as i seved them, everythink has gone.
I suppose that the first time the sugar was bubbling, but not enogh hot to coat the cold almonds. Perhaps it would be better to heat shortly until the almonds are coated. I cannot generalize as I can't say how hot it was and how much is in this case in others home.
But no problems at the end, they were top and would prepare these again! But this time heating them more.

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awalde December 19, 2011
Rosemary Candied Almonds