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This was delicious warm and really smelled lovely. It did dry out quite quickly and was crumbly in the school lunches so I feel this is one to be enjoyed warm from the oven and it would be quite easy to eat the whole thing like that.

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katew November 05, 2009

This is absolutely fabulous! This was my first attempt using the bread machine and it turned out great! I used fresh rosemary from the garden and didn't think it needed the rub at all. I'm curious if the recipe is insteaded for a 1 lb loaf size though? That's what I put it on and it turned out great, but just wondering!

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hkragerud August 27, 2014

This was one of the best tasting breads I have ever eaten. The only changes I made were I had to add more flour because it was really soupy so I added about a 1/4 cup more and it made it perfect...I also drizzled some garlic infused extra virgin olive oil over the top while it was mixing and put it on the french bread setting. It was FABULOUS!!!!! The sea salt/oil/rosemary at the end made it really fantastic. I made gourmet grilled cheese sammy's out of it and dunked them in homemade tomato basil soup. The family rated this 10+ stars! Thanks so much!

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Vamy August 25, 2009
Rosemary Bread (Bread Machine)