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This recipe didn't set up at all. I should have guessed w/just the volume of juice, I'd need at least, two packets of Certo instead of the one. I'll also be using more rose hips (I'll gather 12 c, because I actually used 10 this time!), adding 1/4 c lemon juice to assist the set-up, and with those two changes I don't think I'll need as much water, which could also have effected the set-up? I only added 1 cup water. Thanks for the starter-recipe, but I just don't think it works as written. Again - got me started though, so thank you!

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Aliea August 25, 2014

Love the recipe, but my jelly never set up (I am new to this) even after using the "cement" recipe here on Zaar. I have rose hip syrup now...

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dicentra December 27, 2009
Rose Hip Jelly