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Holy Cow, this stuff is GOOD!!! So simple and quick to make - we spread it on toasted croutes.

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evelyn/athens May 28, 2009

Lindsey, this was a GREAT sauce!! As the stars say, we loved it!! We had it on thick slices of underdone beef tenderloin. A suggestion: lightly roasted walnuts might bring out their taste (a guess, as I did not do it). I don't think, however, that the recipe will stretch to 6 unless each person only eats one slice with a spoon of sauce -- it depends on appetites! We had a small spoon of the sauce on each slice of meat! Next time I would add perhaps a dash of hot sauce or ground black pepper, as the sauce, delicious though it is, could be more assertive with red meat. I had the feeling that, although it sounds like a "strong" taste, it might actually go well with oily fish. Thanks for a quick and easy recipe!!! ONE DAY LATER: Lindsey, I upped the stars from 4 to 5!! A tip: change this recipe to read: "Make a day ahead, cover and keep in fridge." There was some of this dressing left over, with which I did exactly that. I've just put in a finger and tasted it again ... and it is superb!! Suddenly the flavours I expected to be present last night is there now!!! It seems that, as in so many cases, this recipe needs time for the flavours to meld. ☺

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Zurie November 02, 2007
Roquefort and Walnut Sauce