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OK, I'm not Korean and have never made this before, so take this for what it's worth, but I would say the red pepper listed in step 7 is an essential ingredient. When you squeeze the kimchi, a lot of the red pepper in it washes away with the liquid, so the resulting dish is not all that spicy, and I assume anyone thinking of making this recipe likes things spicy. I didn't use the pork but added the soy sauce and sugar directly to the rice. I used brown rice.

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Nose December 30, 2004

thanks a million! when i found this recipe, i knew i had to try it b/c this was one of my favourite dishes growing up. i made it without the pork, and substituted sesame oil for corn oil. very quick and easy.

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rhee.jean November 14, 2004
Romi's Delicious Korean Kimchi Fried Rice