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Living in St. Louis, I am blessed to have our "Hill" area - which is predominantly Italian folks. They share their heritage, and their cooking, with the rest of St. Louis. The following recipe appeared in the St. Louis Cathedral Cookbook (which I love.)


  1. mix all gnocchi ingredients in a food processor. Mix until a dough ball is formed.
  2. Place on a floury cutting board and knead into a firm consistency.
  3. Cut a small hunk off and hand roll out to a long thin strip.
  4. Cut the strip into small bite size pieces and place on a tray covered with waxed paper and flour.
  5. When the tray is full you can add another layer of waxed paper and flour and continue. (No more than 3 layers are recommended).
  6. They can then be frozen right on the trays covered with foil or cooked right away.
  7. Fresh or Frozen, place them in boiling salted water like any pasta. Cook until tender (by taste) - do not overcook.
  8. To make the sauce, cook chopped garlic in olive oil.
  9. Add tomatoes and basil. Cook until tomatoes are thick and sauce like. This needs to simmer only 30-45 minutes at the most.
  10. Rinse pasta, cover with sauce and Parmesan cheese and enjoy.
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i only made the sauce for this recipe but it was quite tasty! Very simple and easy to make

Rain May 10, 2001

DH & I lived in STL for 5 years before moving to FL and the Hill was where we most often ended up when we were out on a Saturday night looking for a place to eat! I will admit, I bought fresh gnocchi from the market so I didn't use that portion of the recipe but the sauce is amazing! I now use this on pasta for my lunches quite regularly. So fresh tasting and simple. I must admit, though, the combo with the gnocchi (my favorite) is still the best. DH says I can make this ANYTIME! Thanks so much, Cheryl, for sharing!

ToiCara November 30, 2007

This was my first attempt at making gnocchi. I was actually surprised at how easy it was, although rolling and cutting all those little pieces did take a bit of time. After reading other recipes for gnocchi, I realize I should have shaped the pieces, mine were a bit thick, and as a result there were a few peices that still tasted "doughy". My husband said he liked it, and took the leftovers for lunch today, so it couldn't have been too bad. :)Thanks!

Kay D. February 21, 2006