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While I've never been to Macaroni Grill, this recipe deserves all the 5 star reviews it's gotten and more. While it was a little involved to make the end result was more than worth it. I did make a few minor adjustments made on other reviewers comments and personal preferance but not enough to really change the recipe much and feel it'd be just as good as directed. Cut the recipe in half for me and DH, my chicken breasts were really large so pounded them thin to make sure they would cook through, added onion and garlic to the saute and when mixing an extra tablespoon of capers as we just love them and wanted to really taste them. Also, a larger adjustment was that I just could NOT bring myself to make this with a full pound of butter and serve to my family so cut that in half - thinking if it didn't thicken I'd just use some corn starch. Well, not a problem - it still turned out wonderful and DH is already asking if there's any left overs. This is truly a company worthy dish that I'd be proud to serve.

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Bonnie G #2 July 14, 2011

There is way too much butter in this recipe. We have had this many times at Macaroni Grill....and when making based on this recipe, we only used 1/4 stick of butter, Not 4 sticks.<br/>Way too much. Otherwise, this recipe is great......

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Bonnyfood August 11, 2014

This sauce is a modern rendition of Julia Child's Buerre Blanc sauce. The acidic base of the reduced lemon and wine is what helps hold the butter in suspension. Now days we add cream to stabilize it and make it easier on us. Don't microwave it to rewarm it. It breaks down. Reheat gently and wisk till smooth. If it becomes broken (butter separates from lemon/wine base) you can fix it by heating it and wisking in a bit more !!BUTTER!! If you reduce the butter in the recipe your sauce will be much more acidic. Yes it is rich. But it is intense, and you don't need much. (I know you want to dunk your bread in it, but try to resist.)

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Jfrizzzy February 25, 2012

We had this last night for dinner. We did do a couple things different. After we cooked the chicken we went ahead and cut it into pieces just for easier consumption. Also, the next time we make it, we may cut the lemon requirement down by a quarter. We couldn't find panchetta so we used a cured country ham instead and it worked just fine! It still had that same salty taste. We didn't want to use bacon since it has a distinct flavor of its own and in my opinion in tends to overpower. This is my favorite dish at MG and I was ecstatic to have it at home! We will be making this over and over again!

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klovin82 April 26, 2011

This recipe is delicious and tastes almost exactly like the one at Macaroni Grill! I have made this about five times because my husband loves it, but due to the high calorie content we only eat it on special occasions. I also only add about 1 stick of butter instead of a whole lb. For those who can't find pancetta in the supermarket, you can substitute bacon instead and it tastes just fine. Yum!

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Valcatraz February 08, 2010

My wife and I just went to Macaroni Grill two weeks ago, and this recipe tastes just like the Chicken Scaloppine that I had. Wonderful!

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ChefDentist February 08, 2009

This was excellent. It is the dish I get almost everytime I go to Romano's and have searched for the recipe. I added a few slice black olives to mine just because we really like them. But absolutely tasted like Romano's. I am passing the recipe on to my mom and plan on making it again this week! Thanks!

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Beba Texas December 20, 2008

My Mom made this when I was over for dinner one night and we ALL raved over it - even my Dad who is not a big italian fan! She just did the chicken and sauce and we had another type of pasta with it so I can't comment on the other stuff - but the sauce...oh that was good!

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FKHamer August 17, 2008

I am a HUGE Mac Grill Chicken Scallopini fan. This was the first recipe I have tried in my quest to copy the dish, and I have to say that I loved it!!! I did use the whole lb. of butter to make the sauce, and the recipe is perfect. Make certain that you let the wine and lemon juice reduce by 1/3 before adding the cream. I substituted a light cream for the heavy cream, because it made me feel better about using an entire lb. of butter! lol!! As well, I couldn't find Pancetta (Italian Bacon) so I subsituted Prosciutto (Italian Ham). The prosciutto is not as fatty, so I cooked it in a tablespoon of olive oil. Because I knew we could not eat all of the recipe in one sitting, I did not mix the sauce with the chicken mix and vegetables, but rather placed them in separate dishes for each guest to assemble on his plate. For left-overs the next day I simply reheated the sauce alone in a small pan, on low heat. The microwave does tend to separate the sauce and can not be used to reheat very well. The pan reheat, however, turned out great. Good luck and Happy Cooking!

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B_CHEESECAKE August 03, 2008

This was very good, but I think the sauce needs some tweaking. It was very rich, but the flavor lacked something. I'll definitely make this dish again, but next time I'll turn the sauce into a garlic cream sauce. Also, I thought 1 lb. was an obscene amount of butter, so I used just one stick. I made half a recipe of chicken, but still ended up with enough chicken and vegetables for a satisfying meal for four women, plus enough leftovers for three. Another note about the sauce: When I reduced the butter to 1 stick, I only ended up with enough sauce for the first four servings. I saved the chicken and veggies and reheated them in the oven the next night, and made a fresh batch of sauce. This meal was as good as the first, but I still had some leftovers, so I mixed the sauce and chicken together and microwaved them for lunch the next day. It turns out this sauce just doesn't hold up well in the microwave. The butter separated out, and it wasn't very good at all.

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Kitchenette July 14, 2008
Romano's Macaroni Grill Chicken Scaloppine