Romano Oregano Bread (Abm)

Total Time
Prep 6 mins
Cook 0 mins

A cheesy Italian style bread. Try making the dough in the machine and baking it in a log shape in the oven. When cool make it into garlic bread, Oh Yeah! or anything else that appeals. I used this today for making some great sandwich buns. I made a couple of them round but the rest of the 8 that this recipe made were the longer type buns. When you have great tasting bread anything that you put with it is also marvelous. I made a wonderful tasting sandwich with just a fried egg and some very thinly sliced sweet onion with a small skiff of mayo, some pepper and salt. I find that this bread doesn't rise a lot until you hit it with the baking temp then it pops up like crazy.


  1. Make per your machine instructions.
  2. Baking time is however long your machine takes.
  3. Hint: If you would like chunks of cheese. Cut the cheese into 1/2 inch cubes (instead of using grated) and add them at the "addition" signal from the machine.
Most Helpful

We loved this, made in the 2-lb Zo ABM from start to finish -- it was too hot to turn on the full oven! DH kept asking for another slice, so I will make this again for sure. It came out fluffy rather than dense; no complaints here! Made for All You Can Cook Buffet.

KateL July 24, 2011

This is wonderful bread! At my husband's suggestion, I made this into four large sandwich rolls. I baked them at 350 F. for what would probably be 20 minutes in a normal oven but was 40 minutes in mine. The flavor is killer. I know I'll be making this again and again! Update: I made this a second time and made eight smaller rolls. They were still excellent. I wanted to mention that at the beginning of mixing the dough looks like it isn't going to come together, but turns out beautifully in the end.

Chocolatl May 12, 2010

I made my dough in the bread machine and then rolled them out to small baguettes. Baked then at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Crunchy on the outside and a dense inside with a cheesy flavor. Very good! Made for Photo Tag.

mary winecoff September 06, 2008