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Well Chia, this was a surprize, I was a little worried while cooking and putting it together that it would be tough. It was suprizingly tender and no time waiting for a marinade to work. It has to be the cross grain cutting. I cut it very thin and we do like ours medium rare. We did smear it with dejong mustard before broiling, with the onion, garlic, paprika and dejong mustard there was a lot of taste and we will make it again. Served it with a stuffed baked potato and sauted spinach and mushrooms. Lovely dinner. Thanks for sharing.

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Derf March 06, 2004

I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee with a full belly and very satisfied. My fiancee even liked this and he always complains when I add anything to a steak. I did use a flank steak rather than the skirt simply beacause this was a last minute idea and its what I had on hand. I smothered it in dijon mustard mixed with a little olive oil and I broiled it for 3 minutes per side and it was perfect (I like it rare). This will be made often, I am sure. Thank you! I wanted to update...I make this often (my fiance is my husband now :-))and only changed it slightly by adding a splash of sherry to the onions to deglaze the pan. We sometimes eat this with Colmans mustard which is a bit spicy, sometimes I smear the stk with dijon and sometimes I add some dijon to the onion mixture after the sherry, depends on my mood. I also tend not to cut the steaks but just serve them whole. Skirt is the best cut to use IMHO as stated in the recipe but you can use the topping for any cut.

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Ilysse November 01, 2006

This was a winner in my house! The meat came out so tender and tast. I definitly will be making this again.

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CorkeeCook April 06, 2006
Romanian Steak