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Wonderful! This was a tangy tasty salad. It was easy to make but you feel like you're eating in a fancy restaurant. I couldn't stop eating the croutons before I had the salad mixed up. I may have to make some just to snack on. I used pimento stuffed green olives and whole wheat sourdough. Darn it I forgot the pepper....guess I'll just have to make it again. Freddy Cat says hi! Made in honor of Sharon's husband via kittencalskitchen.com.

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Engrossed October 30, 2010

Loved this salad!! Sharon your description of this salad is dead on. Made as written and would not change a thing. Liked the way the tag of the lemon brought out the natural sweetness of the romaine. Will be making this salad a lot. Thanks so very much for the post.

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Debbwl August 28, 2010

Yum-O. There is nothing else to say. The lemon dressing, the homemade sourdough croutons, the fresh parm - oh heaven has come by tonight at the farm. I forgot the olives for the photo, however, I made up for when devouring. I made the dressing yesterday, and it had a lovely chance to wile away the hours meeting new friends in the fridge overnite. Lovely, really, really, lovely. Made for PAC 2011

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm March 01, 2011

One word, Sharon........Delicioso! Thnx for sharing. Made for KcK's Forum.

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Darkhunter November 22, 2010

Excellent!! I cut the recipe in half for the 2 of us. The croutons are to die for, I smooshed the garlic, zest and oil together in my mortar and pestle. (just love any excuse to use it, I feel like I've gone back in time or something. . LOL) I also added salt, Montreal Seasoning or Herbs de Provence and fresh pepper to the vinaigrette, then more fresh ground pepper on the end result of the salad. A very long time ago, at a restaurant I worked at, we made genuine Ceasar Salad's at the guests' table. I learned there to put the dressing and any herbs and spices in the bowl first, add any tasty morsels in next, like the olives, and then add the lettuce and toss away! My sis also taught me to stick the bowl in the freezer for about 3 to 4 minutes prior to tossing. (minus croutons and cheese, they go in last.) When my cherry tomatoes are ready in the garden, I can't wait to add those as well! Thanks for posting such a delightful salad, Sharon.

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Scoutie July 09, 2010
Romaine Hearts With Sourdough Croutons and Parmesan