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Overall, very solid recipe. Easy to make, not long to bake, and if you like granola bars this is the recipe for you. Good for any time of day (including breakfast!). Potential variations on the recipe: add an M&M to the top (see picture), dip in brownie batter, dip in a glass of milk, break up and put in your yogurt! Make them a little smaller than you might think, just to get an even bake, and take them out earlier than later. We left them in a little longer than instructed because they looked a little raw still, but they definitely harden up after you take them out of the oven. Easy to pack in the kids' lunches, perfect for afternoon tea. A very versatile biscuit! I plan on taking a dozen to a hen party AND church the next day. This recipe stands the test of time. Thanks for sharing, a real gem.

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macaswoon May 16, 2013
Rolled-Oat Macaroons