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Wonderful, luscious, buttery cookies! I normally avoid making roll-out cookies because they are time-consuming. This recipe was extremely easy to put together (I have a stand-up mixer and didn't even have to add the flour by hand), and as stated in the recipe, there is absolutely no chilling necessary. The dough was easy to roll-out, and the dough did not stick to my metal cookie cutter. I was able to make 24 - 26 pumpkin cookies (Wilton pumpkin cookie cutter). Make sure you don't roll your dough any thinner than 1/8-inch or they will be very thin. I recommend using a hot cookie sheet with your very first batch of cookies - I started with a cold cookie sheet and my first batch was much flatter than the rest of my batches (and not as pretty). Frosted these wonderful cookies with [recipe=19649]Cookie Frosting[/recipe]. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Caryn October 06, 2002

I made this with my 6 year-old daughter and we loved these cookies! This was an excellent recipe. It was fairly simple and the cookies had just the right amount of sugar--not too sweet, not too bland. The dough rolled out pretty well. It made quite a bit more than 2 dozen for us though. We used various sized cookie cutters. We will definitely make these again but next time we will "paint" them with eggwash and food coloring before we bake them.

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Dasme October 19, 2002

This was a very easy cookie recipe. I liked not having to wait for the dough to chill before rolling them out. I used these for my daughters preschool Halloween party. Great recipe I'll have to use it again for Christmas.

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Shari2 November 10, 2002

Absolutely the very best and easiest roll-out christmas cookie recipe that I have ever made! You have a winner here. I will NEVER use those other cookie recipes that have to be chilled and all that time consuming stuff. My 7 year old son and I made these tonight and they are delicious! He rolled them out and cut them and placed them on the parchment paper, so easy even a 7 year old can do it! Baked for about 7 minutes in my oven and we are ready to frost them, they tasted great even without the frosting! Can't rave enough about this one!

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ThatJodiGirl December 18, 2002

I have always avoided cut out cookies as I can never get organized enough/am too impatient to chill dough. Never again!! This recipe is terrific: easy, quick, and most importantly, delicious! I have made these three times already; only once the dough didn't come together, so I added a few drops of milk with no adverse results. I prefer rolling these out a little thicker to have a softer cookie. I thinly iced these with a simple icing made of icing sugar, milk and food colouring paste. Terrific!

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Boxerwing February 24, 2003

Thank you so very much for posting this great but easy recipe!! This is one of the first cookie recpies where I have had everything on hands to make it. I made these to send to my dh overseas--> I bet that him and the guys will love them. I covered half with colored sugar, and the other half I decorated with your [recipe=19649]Cookie Frosting [/recipe] If you have any fears using cookie cutter cookie recipies- try this one! YUM!!!

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Loves2Teach January 26, 2003

The reviews made me try it! Let me just say that I have a cookie cutter collection that needed this recipe. These turned out so great I couldn't believe it. There was no spreading, and the cookies were beautiful. I also hate time consuming cookies, which this was not. Floury Thumbs Up!

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Claire de Luna December 21, 2002

Great buttery flavor. Really liked these frosted w/ 10x sugar, butter and milk. Will be a keeper

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Shabby Sign Shoppe March 13, 2003

What a great recipe! The dough was easy to handle and not sticky, so transferring the cut cookies to the baking sheet was easy. I like my cookies soft, so I only baked these for 6 min. and they came out nice and soft and buttery. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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Krich February 11, 2003

These cookies saved my life today!! At the last minute I had to make 25 cookies for my son's class party...I certainly did not have time to let the dough chill. I added almond extract to the icing...they were a hit! Thanks a million:-)

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carmenskitchen February 12, 2010
Roll-Out Cookies