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I am 71 years old, and as far back as I can remember, we have used this recipe with watermelon. We didn't eat watermelon without it! It was always salted, never used with sugar or jam. I guess this was our family tradition. This is a wonderful recipe! Thanks for sharing!! I tried this again since I wrote this review the first time. Made a new discovery! We had a few left over which does not happen very often. I froze them. Today we Bar B Que'd and I decided to try some of the frozen ones. I thawed them to room temperature and then brushed them with Bar B Que sauce! Wow! I put them on the grill away from the fire and they took on the smoke taste along with the sauce. Talk about bread with Bar B Que!! This is fantastic!!! Again, thanks for posting this!

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Dj's Eagles April 30, 2008

This is so much like the Fattigman (Poor Man's Cookies) I grew up on. My mother made these every Christmas and stored them in a Charley Chip's Can. I would do my best to eat them all before my 4 other sisters got to them. Fattigman's used sugar and Cardamom and sprinkled with Powdered Sugar after they are fried. They looked just like your Roll Kuchen. I am going to try your recipe to see how close they taste to my recipe.

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maggie2006howard November 23, 2009

I've also used this recipe for years. Sometimes I substitute a 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup heavy cream for the milk, but only if I already have it in the house! I would never dream of dipping my rollkuchen in sugar or jam, we salt it lightly while it's still hot and ALWAYS make a double batch or more! Yum!

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julia_katch December 20, 2006

LOL, I love Roll Kuchen! This is the same recipe I have been using for years and I can easily rate it with 5 stars. Delicious, traditional and pretty easy to put together! A little story....when I first met my DH, he took me to his parents home one hot summer evening to meet is family. His Mom served Roll Kuchen and watermelon, with some syrup to dip the roll kuchen in, which I had never seen or had before. I nibbled at a bit of yummy Roll Kuchen and had a piece of watermelon, sure that there would be more food to come...I didn't want to fill up! Well, then they started clearing the table and doing dishes...I realized that this WAS the meal LOL!! A traditional Mennonite summer meal, of which I was unaware. I made my soon to be DH take me to "The Hut" for some Jakeburgers afterwards.....I was still starving! Anyway, thanks for posting a terrific recipe Pamela!!

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~Leslie~ August 18, 2006

I have been searching for this recipe for years but never knew what it was called...I made it today and it was just what I have been looking for.. It was easy and I guess the hardest part was the knots but.It was krispy like I remember. I added powered sugar to mine while it was still hot. Thanks alot

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Doylene March 01, 2006

thank-you for putting this recipe on this website. My mom has the same cook book and I miss the recipes from it. All I can say is yummmm. My mom told me to eat it with watermelon, but I always dipped them in sugar or homemade jam.

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Asher&DarcysMommy December 08, 2004

This recipe is really close to a traditional Jersey Wonder recipe I remember from my childhood. Jersey is a very small island in the English Channel - not in the U.S! The recipe I recall is knotted and deep fried in just the same way, and doubled/tripled as needed. It is sweet though, so maybe some sugar is added? Certainly they were dusted with sugar whilst hot - totally delicious! My childhood recipe doesn't keep though - all the more reason to eat heaps of them!

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Sarah Pallett May 19, 2004
Roll Kuchen (From the Mennonite Treasury of Recipes)