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I've never had this before but I have seen the name Rogan Josh and I'm assuming that it the same dish with different spelling which actually has nothing to do with anything as I have never tried it by any spelling. Anyway, it was a real hit! lamb is a pretty much a non-exsistant thing here but we were given a fair bit so I was able to give this a go. The spicing was excellent and it wasn't difficult to made (always a ). I'll be making this come winter for sure as it was a bit heavy for a hot summer evening. Certainly no fault of the recipe that ZWT 8 happened in high summer. Served with brown rice and Persian Style Carrot Salad #437223 this lovely recipe made a delicious dinner.

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Annacia August 23, 2012

Although Rogan Josh is traditionally a lamb and tomato curry, I did note there were no tomatoes here, and looking at the ingredients, thought that perhaps you would forgive me if I subbed the red meat, for chicken .... this was a lovely, mild curry, very flavourful, I loved the mint, I used a thick greek yoghurt, I didnt actually make a ginger-garlic paste since I prefer to have a more chunky sauce, but used all the ingredients, and I loved the flaked almonds with this. Overall, a winner for me ;) Thank you Satyne, made for ZWT8, Family Picks.

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Karen Elizabeth August 27, 2012
Roghan Ghosht