Rocky Road Halloween Squares

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 10 mins

This recipe can be changed with the seasons or holiday. I will be trying new things as time goes by. I stumbled upon this recently and they are delicious.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (12 ounce) package semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tablespoons soft margarine
  • 2 cups dry roasted peanuts (optional)
  • 1 (10 1/2 ounce) package miniature marshmallows
  • wax paper
  • assorted small halloween candy sprinkles (such as candy corns)


  1. In a double boiler, melt chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and margarine.
  2. In a large bowl, combine peanuts and mini marshamllows.
  3. Fold chocolate mixture into large bowl with peanuts and marshmallows and press into a 13 x 9 pan (lined with wax paper).
  4. Top with candy pieces.
  5. Chill until firm (about 30 mins) and cut into squares.
  6. Store at room temperature.
Most Helpful

these are very good. I used soft margarine the first time I made it, but the mix didn't set up. The second time I used regular margarine and had no problem. They looked great sprinkled with yellow, orange & white sprinkles!

windywood October 28, 2007

I don't know what went wrong, but when I tried this recipe it didn't set up. I went back and checked the ingredients and the instructions three times and I did everything exactly as stated in the recipe. After hours in the refrigerator, it ended up with the chocolate the consistancy of pudding.

Deb from Ca October 13, 2007

These are really delicious! I put the mixture in a 10x10 pan and topped with mallowcreme halloween candy pieces to mark each square. Lots and lots of positive comments from the teachers at my son's school... oh, and from the kids, too! Scrumptious!

Catherine M October 28, 2005