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I made this recipe twice. The first time I halved it and I must have done something wrong because while the flavour was great the rice didn't get cooked properly. Last might I made it again using the full recipe and checked it after 1 hour. The rice was still quit hard so I added another 1/2 of broth and nuked it for 5 minutes before putting it back in the over to get a bit of a crust. Perfect!
I'm giving this a four for the great taste and ease of prep and cooking. When I make it again I would add an addition cup of liquid from the start. It may be a problem with the difference in altitude effecting the absorbtion of liquid - who knows? It's a keeper and with that one adjustment I expect to make it for years to come.

Keep Fighting Like a Girl Chelle! Hugs and thanks for posting.

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K9 Owned February 21, 2012

Made this tonight for the Cookathon for Chelle. Used the feta as that was what I had on hand and halved the cayenne pepper for our families taste. Other then that, made as written. I cooked for 60min and did find it to be a bit dry but we all loved the flavours. When I make again I will add a 1/2 cup more liquid to start, check 1/2way through to stir & distribute the veggies throughout and check if any extra liquid is needed

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Tiggrr February 20, 2012

Delicious!!! I was lucky enough to have the chef himself make this for us at a recent July 4th get together, and I totally loved it! The flavours melded together so well, and the result was a savoury, cheesy rice that was just sooo good! I'm going to make this for catering, I know everyone will love it! :)

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~Leslie~ July 18, 2009

Easy and so good. I used gorogonzola (but about half as much as that's all I had on hand). Mine ended up nice and spicy with additional cayenne and aleppo peppers. I also added about a cup of fresh broccoli to use it up and make me fell healthier! Thanks for posting!

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The Life Tussle July 15, 2009

I had the pleasure of tasting DH's recipe made by Mommy Diva. Simple, filling, and tasty. Not as heavy as a mac & cheese but with similar flavors. I liked the melted gorgonzola and the cayenne gives the dish some picante. Great for a barbeque. Makes a large serving so ideal for serving in buffet style. Update: Ok, OK have been informed by MD that MD's DH actually made the dish. Not wanting to deny a brother his due, Congrat's DH!

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Obag July 15, 2009

*YUMMERS* Rob made this while visiting a couple weeks ago.... while we BBQ'd Chicken on the Grill. It was DELISH! I had the honor of watching him in action while he put this dish together and after tasting it, I told him He had to get it on Zaar! I always make rice pilaf with grilled meats and this was a nice change. So easy to make and the flavors.... Oh my! No overpowering but just perfect combination. Loved the gorganzola creaminess with the spices! Thanks Rob!!!!! Another one I will definitely make. I liked it so much I asked him to make it again before the vacation was up ;) Thanks for posting Chelle, now I can make it anytime I want. HUGS to you and DH!!!!

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Vseward (Chef~V) July 14, 2009
Rob's Basic Baked Rice