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**Jubes** you should try these. These are good for gluten free. There were none left to try after a few hours so I can't tell you if they got better at that point. I made our corn free by using a mix of other starches, mainly tapioca, some potato starch and a little sweet rice flour. I used sea salt, white sugar, canola oil, organic no fat yogurt, I used almost 1 tbs extra organic apple cider vinigar and a bit extra baking soda to make up for not adding baking powder since I can not find one that fits our diet (no corn, cream of tartar or gluten), I replaced the xanthan gum with guar gum to be corn free (but I am looking for another replacer for guar gum if anyone knows!? since it is close to soy in composition and we are soy free) I think it should be clear that they should be piped with a pretty large hole in the middle as most of mine were closed up once baked. I piped these onto a parchment paper lined sheet rather than greased and it worked well. Served with buttered eggs. Made for RECIPE SWAP #48 - January 2011.

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UmmBinat January 01, 2011

These bagels are AWESOME!! and most of all very easy. My brother and son are both gluten free and we always have bought UDI bagels and these are comparable

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kwozt84 December 30, 2010
Roben Ryberg's - Gluten-Free Bagels