Recipe by Alison Corfield

Delicious in many recipes - salads, pasta sauces etc

Top Review by Fran6

Let me add that when you find red bell peppers on sale - they can be so expensive! - buy a bunch. Once they are roasted (which I do on my BBQ grill), you can freeze them for later use. After they are roasted, just put them on a cookie sheet and freeze (don't peel them). Once frozen, remove to a ziplock bag and use as needed. They can be pulled out one at a time and they peel easily once defrosted. I also do this with poblano peppers and always have bags of both in my freezer.


  1. I put them under a hot grill and turn them infrequently until black all over.
  2. I then put them in a pot with a well fitting lid to cool. (The books often say put them in a plastic bag, but I try to minimise my use of plastics for environmental reasons)
  3. Once you can handle them you can peel off the black skin easily. Don't run them under the tap as much of the flavour can go.

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