Roasted Vegetable Salad With Tabil Vinaigrette

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READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by KateL

Entered for safe-keeping. From June 2012 Vegetarian Times. Roasting mellows the flavor of the vegetables, and the Tunisian Tabil vinaigrette adds pizzazz. Serving at room temperature makes this perfect for a picnic or summer outdoor party. As the vegetables cool, they absorb the flavor of the vinaigrette. For Tabil spice mix, use Tabil - Dry Coriander Spice Mix from Tunisia #479881. Note: in the U.S. cilantro refers to the leafy herb that looks like Italian flat-leaf parsley; "cilantro" is the Spanish translation of the Latin "Coriandrum sativum", and the herb became available at U.S. grocers due to the rise in popularity of Mexican cuisine. (In the U.K. the seed is referred to as "coriander seed" and the leafy herb is "coriander", very close to the Latin.) Preparation time does not include time for cooling to room temperature.

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  2. Preheat oven to 400 F (204 C). Brush large baking sheet with olive oil.
  3. Toss together zucchini, carrots, bell pepper, shallots, and 1 tablespoon oil in large bowl. Spread on prepared baking sheet, and roast 20-25 minutes, or until vegetables are browned and tender, stirring once or twice.
  5. Whisk together 2 tablespoons olive oil, lemon juice, and Tabil spice mix in large bowl.
  6. Add hot vegetables, toss with vinaigrette and cilantro; season with salt and pepper, if desired.
  7. Cool, serve at room temperature.

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