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Oh Yum! I made this for dinner tonight. I'm 9 months pregnant and I am CONSTANTLY looking for healthy, easy dishes to get my daily veggies. This was FANTASTIC! I followed the recipe exactly except that I roasted the veggies 5 minutes longer...I wanted to make sure the onion wasn't crunchy. It was perfect. I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I can't believe how much flavor there is just from veggies. Thanks for sharing!

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L-Burden July 10, 2009

This pizza is incredible! The roasting of the vegetables, before adding them to the pizza, was an amazing touch, and the end result was a wonderful, light, and healthy pizza - a nice change from a typical meat pizza. I, too, used a pre-made pizza crust, rather than using the pizza dough, and added some red pepper, and parmesan cheese (after it came out of the oven); other than that, I used the exact same ingrediants, and strongly recommend using these veggies, as they worked beautifully together, I also did not measure the cheese....I just loaded it on (so it probably came out to be more cheese than the recipe calls for) -it turned out nice and cheesy, which we loved! This is a wonderful recipe that I will be making again and again!

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Helping Hands October 03, 2007

YUM! Made this for lunch today and it was delicious! I halved the recipe and used 1 premade Boboli pizza crust brushed with olive oil. I put 1/2 a zucchini, 1/2 a yellow squash, 1/2 a green pepper (the red pepper I bught was moldy on the inside so I had to toss it), and 1 sliced Roma tomato (which I did not roast - just placed on top of the roasted veggies before baking.) I used some fresh parmesan and some mozzarella and also used dried thyme and fresh garlic. Anyways, very delicious pizza that I will be making again!

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AprilShowers September 06, 2007

I prepared this using a premade, thin, whole wheat pizza crust. I was afraid that Hubby wouldn't be thrilled with a meatless option for dinner, but I overheard him bragging a few days later to friends about the "awesome veggie pizza." Guess that makes this a winner. :)

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Ms B. June 13, 2007
Roasted Vegetable Pizza