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I did the crockpot method. My chicken was very moist and tender. It was falling off the bones and had great flavor. I added cornstarch dissolved in water to the juices in the crockpot, then used my immersion blender to blend any bits left in there. Thanx for a delicous chicken and yummy gravy!!!

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*Parsley* May 19, 2008

This chicken was to die for!!!!!!!!! I opted for the oven method and baked at 350 for an hour and 35 minutes, it was done perfectly!(My chicken was 3 lbs.) I just baked it in my 13x9 pan,(uncovered), used 2 cups chicken boullion because I realized I was out of chicken broth,(poured it in the pan, too), and it worked just fine!:) I don't buy garlic salt, so used 1 tsp. garlic powder and 1 tsp. salt. We love garlic, so the amounts were right on for us! :) After the first 30 minutes, I basted it every 15-20 minutes with the boullion and juices in the bottom of the pan. (I just used my turkey baster for this.)Then when there were only 15 minutes left, I basted it well, with a pastry brush, with 2 Tbl. melted butter, and got a nice browning on the skin. I did also use a little coarse ground pepper, too. After the chicken was done, I removed it to a platter and covered it with foil to rest while I made up the gravy. Just poured all the juices from the pan into a saucepan, heated to a low simmer, then whisked in 1 Tbl. cornstarch mixed well with 1 Tbl. COLD water. It thickened perfectly! Thank you so much KG for a wonderful roast chicken dinner!!!!!!!! We really loved this!!! :) :)

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Wildflour October 02, 2007
Roasted Tarragon Chicken and Gravy