Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

I found this little gem in the China Moon Cookbook. This is the Chinese version of our American salt and pepper. It's an all purpose seasoning and a little goes a long way. It's good for marinating meats and poultry, and a delightful final seasoning for soups and salads. Try a bit tossed into some just made popcorn or sprinkled on a grilled burger! For people watching their salt intake, this is a wonderful kitchen gift! Be sure to use kosher salt, as this gives the flavor. If you can't get kosher, then use sea salt.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 14 cup szechwan pepper, thorns and twigs removed
  • 12 cup kosher salt (if you can't get kosher, use sea salt, not table salt!)


  1. Mix the peppercorns and salt in a heavy skillet and toast over medium heat, stirring, till the salt turns off white, about 5 minutes.
  2. Adjust the heat so the peppercorns don't burn, but they will probably smoke a little.
  3. Remove the hot mixture to a food processor and process for 1 minute to get a fine powder. Or you may gind the mix in a spice grinder. Pour through sieve to remove the peppercorn husks.
  4. Store the mixture in a clean dry bottle, sealed airtight.


Most Helpful

The roasting really brings out the citrus aroma. I enjoy the numbness these bring to the tongue. It does have white plumes as you blend so do put a towel over the blender and then let it settle before sifting (I skipped). This would be good on roasted nuts. Made for Feb Sun and Spice. Thanks Sharon.

Rita~ February 25, 2013

I made this using Sarawak pepper as it's what I have. I don't know if a aroma was all that it would have been if I'd had the proper pepper but it was still lovely. I'm be using the grinder set on coarse and I love the way it comes out with the salt. Be careful in using it, a little does go a long way. Made for Photo Tag.

Annacia March 26, 2010

The China Moon Cafe was one of my favorite haunts in S.F. They had ginger ice cream to die for!! The cookbook is wonderful (includes the ice cream and pepper/salt recipes), a real keeper if it's still available. The owner unfortunately died of cancer and The China Moon is no more...

drflash23 December 31, 2007

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