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Outstanding! My squash were much too small to cut out the flesh, so I just stuffed then with the mixture minus the squash. It was awesome. I was trying to cut down on time here, so I didn't follow the instructions about making the "hat" and instead I just cut my squash in half, cooked it face down for 30 minutes, turned them right side up, brushed with the margarine/honey, then stuffed them with the couscous/fruit/nut mixture, then cooked them for 30 more minutes. If you do this, make sure you COVER THE DISH to keep the moisture in the couscous (mine was super crunchy because I didn't cover the dish, but this was my mistake). Additionally, instead of using salt and pepper, I just subbed veggie broth for the water which gave it great body. Thanks for posting this yummy lunch!

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JanuaryBride January 18, 2012

I reduced this recipe to 1/4 as DH and I are usually the only ones to eat squash in our house. We did have one guest, but I was using a really large squash and as a side, I thought it would still be plenty. Although removing some of the squash flesh was difficult, I didn't interpret the instructions to mean I should remove all or even most of the flesh, just enough to fold some in with the fruited couscous, which is what I did. It went over well with DH, myself and our guest; in fact, our guest was raving as he went back for 2nds! Thank you for sharing this recipe Sharon...another variation for squash and couscous, both foods DH and I enjoy!

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Cindy Lynn February 28, 2004

This recipe was interesting. My prep time was about an hour or more. It was very difficult to cut the flesh out of the uncooked squash. The filling was good, but not superb. The presentation was quite nice, though. I'm not sure all the work was worth the end result. JMHO

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Whisper February 26, 2004
Roasted Squash with Fruited Couscous