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The veggies are great with the salmon. It was my first time trying parsnips and it's very good. But I should have started cooking the beets way earlier than the other veggies. Because the beets were not ready when the other veggies were cooked and the salmon was cooked. It took way more time to have the beets ready. Thanks AZPARZYCH Made for ZWT8 for Diners, Winers and Chives

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Boomette August 17, 2012

This delicious meal is filled with nutrients. I loved the roasted veggies. I hadn't tried brussel sprouts since I was young (and didn't have a fond memory of them) and found that I LOVED them roasted. I roasted the mixed veggies for 30 minutes and they were very well done, so I'd suggest checking on them sooner. I also suggest cooking the beets longer than the 15 minutes suggested - maybe putting them in at the same time as the other veggies. The recipe didn't state what to do with the remaining Italian seasoning, but I assumed it was to be sprinkled on the salmon. It was delicious. I don't think the salmon needed the full 1 t. of salt though. The salmon was flaky and tender, perfectly done! Thank you. :)

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LifeIsGood September 13, 2011
Roasted Salmon With Root Vegetables