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I made this tonight along with Sushi-rice Salad. We liked it pretty well. The salmon was very good. DH thought the cucumbers were too vinegary and overpowered the salmon. I didn't think so, but I tend to like vinegary/acidic foods more than he does. I thought that the mint was delightfully fresh tasting with the salmon and cukes. My 3-yr old DS gobbled up the salmon but didn't touch the cucumbers--but then he usually won't eat cukes, so that's not necessarily a reflection on the recipe. It wasn't at all difficult to make and it looked lovely. I'll make it again, but perhaps water down the vinegar a little.

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Halcyon Eve March 06, 2007

This was very nice! I really enjoyed the browned sesame seeds on the salmon. I served with Thai green beans and baked potato. Thank you Susie!

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Sharon123 August 15, 2006

GREAT. This was so fast to make, it was almost on the plate within seconds. The salad is fantastic and prep time is about 5 minutes or less. I let it stand for about 30 minutes and that blended all flavours so well. I like the mint taste and the chili here. It is different, fresh and spicy. It would make a great salad on its own. I seeded the cucumber, so that the salad remains more on the dry side as I like it. For the salmon: I only broil it for a few minutes. I like salmon not so well done and I omit the step od searing it first. It was great. The added seasme seeds work great and gave a little nutty note to the fish. Together with the salad this was a fantastic fish dish with great flavours.

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Thorsten July 25, 2006
Roasted Salmon With Chile Minted Cucumbers