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My husband's first bite brought forth a "this is a keeper". This is definitely good enough to serve your most special guests. The wonderful thing about this dish is that you can taste each and every ingredient because the vinaigrette is not overpowering. Every herb, every ingredient, is complimentary to everything else in the dish.

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Z-chef December 03, 2006

Excellent salad! Full of flavours and so refreshing! I had leftover salmon and arugula in my fridge so my salad was almost ready. It was my frist time using fennel buld and it was so good. I didn't have any cilantro and I also used some lettuce, those are the changes I made.Very good. I seved it for a friendly dinner and everyone enjoyed it. Its a keeper, Evelyn. Thanks!

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katia November 16, 2006

This salmon salad is a winner. It is presenting salmon in a very surprising salad combination with so many and different flavours. But together they make something completely new. Even salmon lovers will be surprised. To used roasted salmon with fennel, celery and thyme is awesome. And the combo of potatoes, roasted bell pepper, fennel bulb, seared fungi and arugula - wow. And to top it, it comes with such a refreshing dressing with the great addition of lemon zests. Every bit is different and you have always different flavours and textures. For example: the roasted, more sweet bell peppers with the freshness of lemon. Or the fantastic combo of fennel and celery with the salmon. The roasting set all the falvours free. The potatoes are fantastic to balance some of the sour notes of lemon and cilantro. Arugula with the herb flavour and the fennel bulbs are gorgeous. And you have so wonderful differences in textures: the more smoth fungi and potatoes and on the other side the crisp texture of fennel or arugula. Don't read any further, go and try it.

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Thorsten June 06, 2006
Roasted Salmon Salad