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FIVE GIANT STARS here! I took a leap of faith, and made this for Easter dinner. I NEVER make a new recipe for dinner guests. (my guests included DD#1's future MIL!) I got raves all around the table! I omitted the prosciutto, and baked them without the frying. What a sensational dish! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing, and Bergy thank you for your beautiful photo! Oh, for my vegetarian daughters, I followed the same recipe using portabello mushrooms instead of chicken. Five stars on that, too!

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Susan Lee April 11, 2004

Derf this recipe is heavenly - the flavor is special and it is so attractive when you cut through the breast and lay it open, you see the different colors the white of the breast, the red of theprosciutto, the green asparagus etc.. It is lovely to have the asparagus spears around and between the pieces of chicken. I class this recipe as a special "Company" recipe that is not to say I won't make it just for us too - Thanks Derf for a real winner.

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Bergy March 26, 2004

It was great. Required a bit of work but was worth it. I followed the recipe exactly and was very happy with the results. Thank you!

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Wind in the Canyon February 10, 2011
Roasted Red Pepper / Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breasts