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This recipe does NOT work for non-bell peppers (like banana peppers) since, by the time the skin is black the meat is also black. For this type peppers just roast until the skin blisters. I recommend roasting all kinds on foil (no pans to scrub) then folding the foil over the peppers to steam (juices not lost to paper towels, plastic bags not melted, less to throw away!) Leaving seeds in hot-type peppers while roasting will add to the spiciness of the result.

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IdaBoss October 09, 2009

Thank you for posting this! I'd been wondering what the best method for roasting peppers was and this really worked well.

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Claire #3 April 07, 2002

Yay! Thanks Bethany! I made these last night - not hard, but just not the kind of thing I thought I would bother with. The only problem was I kept eating them as I was peeling the skin and packing them in tupperware. I will only make them when red peppers are a decent price - when they are $4/lb, I'll be using the jarred kind.

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Jane*in*RI September 19, 2003

I saw red bell peppers in the grocery store for .79 cents each and decided to buy a few. I knew I would be baking another dish at a high temp and thought I would seek out a recipe to roast my peppers and picked you'rs, so I could cook both recipes at the same time. They tasted very good, as I sampled them while I was slicing to put in freezer bags for later use. I had to cook the peppers longer than specified but I also was cooking at a slightly lower tempature due to the other recipe that I was cooking. Thanks riffraff for posting this recipe

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sloe cooker March 01, 2011

Thanks to you, I will never overpay for roasted peppers again.

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Katanashrp February 18, 2011

Excellent! Took about 30 minutes - probably my electric oven. I put half in freezer bags for another meal. I added to portobello mushroom burgers with spinach, goat cheese, and homeade pesto mayonaise. YUM!!! Later added these to Heirloom Tomato sandwiches with pesto mayo.

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Lilmsbritches June 03, 2010

perfect. i had never done this before but thought it sounded simple enough, and it was. i used these in a recipe for chicken and lime taquitos. UPDATE: i recently made these and then put in zipper freezer bags and threw them in the freezer. weeks later i pulled them out for a pasta recipe. still fantastic!

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jetta_mel April 23, 2010

Extremely easy to do! I ended up roasting 3 red bell peppers for about 30 minutes. At this point they were only black in spots but I noticed that the skin was blistered so I took them out. I placed them in a paper bag for about 20 minutes. The skin peeled of easily. It is definitely worth the extra (minimal) effort to roast these at home! They made our grilled balsamic chicken sandwiches restaurant worthy! Thanks for the recipe!

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ShayZ February 15, 2010

These turned out so very tasty!! They are indeed easy to make but the cleanup is not easy! I would recommend either disposable pans, foil, 'Pam' or prepare for a lot of elbow grease and SOS for cleanup! lol I poured olive oil on the pan whild roasting, (I also had to roast much longer than stated), but afterward I still scrubbed and had to soak for a day... my pans are now quite a mess. But truly the peppers are so yummy! I ran into a huge amount of perfectly wonderful 50% reduced peppers and usually I chop them up and freeze them raw for sauces etc. but this time I decided to try roasting them. I used the paper bag method and they peeled beautifully, though the bags, which I doubled were so moist with the juices from the peppersI could not help wonder how much deliciousness was wicked away! Next time I will use a Correll dish to steam them and to compare. I placed all remaining roasted peppers in a jar with the juices that remained and some Olive Oil, I hope they keep in the fridge for a while... Has anyone froze them successfully?... I will continue making these, thank you riff for posting, these were great!

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Marmie's June 20, 2009
Roasted Red Bell Peppers