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New cooks might want to know that bell peppers can be roasted by sticking them with a long fork and holding them over a flame until the skin is charred. Then put them, while still hot, into a closed brown paper bag and the steam will loosen the skin. Red Bell Peppers are a little sweeter than the green ones, but also more expensive. A frugel cook can use the green peppers and add a little sugar to the dip.

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Bill Hilbrich September 27, 2001

12/2012 - big hit for Christmas. The roasted garlic needed 4 heads to make 1/4 cup. All the ingredients really meld together and you can't pick out any one flavor. For the pita chips I halved the pitas crosswise then made 8 wedges. I put them on baking sheets and then sprayed the wedges with cooking spray. I then put them in a ziplock with the seasonings and shook a litle to distribute, placed back on the baking sheet and baked about 8 minutes or until crisp - perfect and really good.

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karenfar December 28, 2012

Really tasty combination of flavors. I used a mixture of sour cream and mayo instead of cream cheese (that being what I had on hand) and sprinkled a bit of smoked paprika into the mix. The basil and lime juice are magic! This goes in my file for sure---thanks, Dawnab! (Note: because my version is thinner, it would be really good as a sauce over a grilled fish or asparagus, I think!)

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La Dilettante June 26, 2010

This is fantastic! I've never made anything like this before, but it was easy and turned out great. The hardest part was roasting the pepper. I went to this website http://allrecipes.com/HowTo/Roasting-Peppers/Detail.aspx which gave step by step instructions and pictures. I think I could have roasted them a little longer, but I was afraid of burning them. I also halved the recipe to try it the first time and used Neufchatel to cut the fat somewhat. Great recipe!

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Amlaphq September 02, 2008
Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Garlic Dip