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Excellent recipe! Easy to do and so tasty without any additional stock!

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deepbluebeauty November 21, 2015

*Reviewed for Aussie NZ Recipe Swap July 08* Wonderful soup. We loved the garlic and cumin flavours. I also added a small amount of the dried chilli flakes. Served with toasted gluten-free bread, a small dob of sour cream and sprinkled with chopped chives. I used your vegetable stock in place of the water in the soup for some extra added flavour. Thanks for another great recipe. Photo also being posted

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**Jubes** July 20, 2008

Loved it ! The roasting of the pumpkin and of the garlic do give an added depth to this, and the flavour is good. I served this to guests and concensus was that they liked it a lot but they didn't rave. The only change that I made was to not roast the pumpkin in so small pieces, I just kept the large wedges and the skin came off without problem from the larger pieces. Please see my rating system: an excellent 4 stars for a recipe that all guests enjoyed and that I would definiately make again. Thanks!

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kiwidutch March 14, 2008

FABULOUS! I made this soup with my own roast pumpkins......I had some already done, and the method is JUST the same as yours: the addition of the chillies, roasted garlic and the carrots was WONDERFUL! I made this exactly as stated, but I DID pop a wee spoon of creme fraiche in towards the end, for an even creamier result. We ate this with home-made granary bread for a delectable lunch. I made the full amount for the two of us, as we will have it reheated tomorrow. We BOTH loved the tang of the garlic in this soup, and the chillies were a great optional extra as well! Thanks Rona - a wonderful soup recipe, as you can see by the photos, the colour was almost as good as an oil painting! This has been saved as a recipe to be made for future dinner parties.....an inspiring soup especially when served with crusty bread. FT:-)

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French Tart February 05, 2008
Roasted Pumpkin Soup With Roasted Garlic