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This was my family's Christmas Eve dinner. I followed the directions exactly, and was pleased with the finished tamales. I got exactly 14 tamales, but had about 3 or 4 cups of leftover filling. That is fine b/c we will use the rest to make enchiladas. I did have a problem with steaming, and it's the same problem I had the one other time I made tamales. After 2 hours, they were still mush and not set at all. I had to resort to setting them on a tray and putting them in the oven on low heat for about 30 minutes. I use a plain old steamer basket, so perhaps I need to invest in an actual tamale steamer to fix that problem. All in all, everyone loved the tamales, I know I will use the recipe again. Thanks for posting it.

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TexasKelly December 31, 2011

Definitely five star. I didn't make tamales but made them into enchiladas. Will make tamales one day but will use this one forever.

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adopt a greyhound June 23, 2011
Roasted Pork Tamales With Salsa Verde Filling