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This was wonderful. I only tasted it, because i was on a cooking storm today and needed to use the leftover stewed tomatoes from another recipe before they went bad so took the opportunity. One thing I did do is add "gremolata" the mix of lemonzest, chopped garlic and parsley at the end of the cooking in the sauce. It was rather like ossobucco then with the rice cooked in the pot :) I will be making this again after tomorrows feast of it..that is if i can hold off making a pig of myself at midnight snack!!

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MarraMamba July 18, 2007

The final taste was delicious but had a heap of the rice left over (could have halved that especially for 3 of us), I also added some sliced green beans to the mix to round it off a bit better for a complete meal) and was really surprised at how well the veggies held up and were still just tender and not at all mushy but a little disappointed that the lamb was not more fall of the bone even after 3 hours of cooking and definately keep an eye on it for drying out, I added about a cup of water after the first hour and then another 1/2 cup at 2 hours and let cook a further 1/2 and hour (with lid on in the hope it would pull the lamb of the bone more) as the vegies were a little underdone (that really surprised me), so would consider cooking with lid on for the last hour which I think would produce fall of the bone lamb. Thank you **Mandy**, made for I Recommend and recommended by Marra Mamba.

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I'mPat January 23, 2012

This was well received by company and my DH loved it too. It was a big success with us all, and DH requested that I make it again when is parents are coming to dinner, so you know he liked it!!! The mix of flavors was wonderful and this deserves more than 5 stars according to my family!

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Mama Smurff November 25, 2008

I'm preparing this recipe today for the 2nd time. It is the perfect company dish. You actually do just throw it in the oven and basically ignore it for 2 hrs. You can clean up the kitchen, greet your guests, serve appetizers and a pre-dinner cocktail while this prepares itself in the oven. It is absolutely delicious and your guests will think you worked all day on it!

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Z-chef December 25, 2007

An Outstanding 20 stars ! This is a fabulous lamb recipe and one we will be repeating often, just with more lamb next time becuase we were both eyeing up the last piece LOL (DH got it becuase I love him, but if it had been anybody else I *might* have trampled them for it .. just kidding .. well kind of..) It was easy to make too... while the shanks were roasting at the beginning I put everything else together and once the first 30 minutes were up, it took about 2 minutes to throw in the rest per instructions and get it back into the oven. Yes, the wine and stock did look like it might have been too much when I added it but there was none at all left after the lamb was cooked, it had totally soaked up. One IMPORTANT point to make though: I used a metal roasting dish and checked mine after 1 hour to find it perfectly cooked, meat was falling apart tender and the rice was cooked though. My roasting pan is a biggest I could find as I often roast large legs of lamb and so maybe my mixture wasn't as deep and so required less cooking. Luckily we were able to bring dinner forward in a hurry and enjoy this at it's best. It was excellent. My only problem was to know what was meant by sweet chili pepper, are chili not always hot? anyway I guessed and used a small amount of very hot piri piri.. and it was perfect, not terribly hot but enough to pep up the flavours. Please see my Rating System: an excellent 5 stars for a dish that will be back on our tables again and again and again! Thanks!

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kiwidutch May 26, 2007

My DH and I liked this dish, but felt the red wine was very strong in the risotto. If I were to make it again, I would cut the wine to 1/2 cup and make up the missing 1/2 cup liquid with water or more beef broth. I also used lamb chops to make this instead of lamb shanks, and the chops worked perfectly - cooked to perfection and not overdone or dry. I would use 6-8 chops if I made it again, as there is plenty of risotto left once the chops are gone. This could easily serve 6-8 if you increased the number of chops or shanks, and added a salad and dessert course. Delicious, but too strong for my palate. It was very easy to prepare, and time estimates for prep and cooking time are accuate. Good!

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AB_Fan May 25, 2007

Delicious! We really enjoyed this a lot. The lamb was very tender and the rice was very flavorful. It's such a great idea to cook the risotto with the lamb - you don't have to do all of that stirring! I made the recipe as directed, but added more chilies and some pepper. For the US crowd, I used 1 15-ounce can of diced tomatoes and baked the shanks at 400F to brown them, then cooked at 300F for the 2 hours. Wonderful meal, Mandy. Thank you.

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lazyme April 20, 2007
Roasted Lamb Shanks With Red Wine,tomato & Garlic Risotto