Roasted Jicama

Total Time
1hr 10mins
10 mins
1 hr

A great replacement for potatoes! Jicama has a slightly sweet flavor and only 20% of the calories and carbs.

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  1. Toss all ingredients together.
  2. Spread in baking pan.
  3. Roast in 400 degree oven for 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes.
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I tried this about a few months ago when I had some Jicama on hand and it just didn't work. I tried cooking it and cooking it way past the time mentioned on the cooking but it still kept it's crunchy texture and didn't soften at all. I was extremely disappointed. Next time my Jicama is going into a salad.

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I bought some jicama for the first time recently for a cold brown rice salad, and had some leftover so I thought I would try something really different. I'm surprised that I didn't like this more, but just didn't enough the flavor of roasted jicama. I followed the recipe exactly, using fresh garlic & herbs...but it just didn't work for me.

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i hadn't had jicama before and this is the recipe I used. Very tasty and a nice snack!