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Absolutely Excellent! I cooked mine a LOT longer - approximately 1 hour - to get a really good roasting flavor.

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vverkin925 June 13, 2002

I have been making this same recipe--from a Moosewood cookbook and it is awesome. Like the other reviewer, I cook it about an hour to really get the onions caramelized. I also like to add more onions (but my husband doesn't agree). A really easy, yummy way to good green beans.

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Kimke July 15, 2002

Great green bean recipe! I cooked mine a lot longer. Much better than mushy meat flavored beans!

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Daphne2002 November 25, 2002

I, too, roasted these longer than posted. At 20 min the beans were still a bit too crunchy for me but the garlic was done!! I'll adjust the cooking time accordingly next time. Thanks GinnyP

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Tebo February 09, 2004

I gave this recipe 2 stars. I loved the idea of mixing garlic and onions w/green beans. I got mixed reviews on this recipe in my house. My family wasn't crazy over these beans. I'm not a big balsamic vinegar person so that's why I didn't care for them. My future hubby said that the garlic was to much (the more the better for me), my picky 8 yr old niece ate only her green beans, and finally my picky 6 yr old newphew enjoyed these beans (his only complaint was they needed more salt). Overall I don't think I'll make these again, but thanks for posting! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut September 01, 2009

I made these yesterday and they were fabulous. I had a bag of the frozen tiny little green beans that I get at Aldi's. I could not stop eating them. My Dh liked them, the kids were not so enamored but I want them every day. :-) Oh, I just realized I forgot the balsamic vinegar, I will have to make them again.

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Margie99 August 29, 2009

My green beans turned out to be quite tough and chewy and the onions were undercooked. I would recommend parboiling the beans for about 4 minutes before roasting and then roasting them quite a bit longer - at least until the onions start to carmelize. This recipe has lots of potential and deserves to be played with!

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Noelben January 28, 2009

I had never roasted green beans before but it will now be my favorite way to eat green beans. Who would have thought the simple green bean could change from the every day to the "special" flavor added by roasting. I skipped the balsamic vinegar accidentally but they were still absolutely wonderful. Roasted a whole pound for just me and DH and we finished them all. I'm so glad I added plenty of onions and garlic. I baked them for 45 minutes. I suggest using your hands to evenly distribute the oive oil. YUM-YUM

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Chef Cameo December 31, 2008

I was thinking that with such a short roasting period that the onions would be disgustingly limp (versus browned) and the garlic wouldn't be cooked enough to tone down it's overwhelming flavor when raw. Wrong on both counts (which is to say that though limp and not brown the onions were great, and the garlic was sufficiently cooked). I went a little overboard with the olive oil, which I'm afraid will now congeal in a disgusting manner after refrigeration. Oh well. I cooked it a total of 21 minutes and stirred every 7. I do believe this recipe is probably best served hot, right out of the oven--though what I originally had in mind was serving this as a room temperature side dish--with less olive oil (than I used) I think it will still work.

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KWB October 07, 2008
Roasted Green Beans With Garlic and Onions