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This was my first goose. My husband kept bugging me to give it a try so I finally did. The stuffing was very good and the duck was quite good. I am picky by nature, so saying anything it good is praise coming from me. The change I made was 1 cup of rum because 6 chopped apples was quite a lot for only 4 TBSP. I also found I had to prick the goose with a knife as a fork would NOT penetrate the skin. I used one can of chicken broth for the liquid, which was plenty. I do not advise to soak the breadcrumbs as the previous review stated because the goose adds so much of its own liquid, it would have been a mushy mess. The stuffung mix was too much to fit in the goose, so I cooked the remaining in a pot with a bit of broth. FYI goose fat is oil. I was looking for actual fat to skim. Something new I learned. :) Thanks for making my first attempt a success!

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GzNKz4evr May 05, 2011

We had our first Canada goose and used this recipe for the stuffing. It was delicious, different from and lighter than the usual bread stuffing which we always have used for our (domestic) Christmas geese. The changes we made to the stuffing were: increased rum to about 1/2 c., croutons instead of crumbs, added 2 eggs and about a cup of broth to the crumbs (let soak)before combining, and added about a c. of chestnuts. Memorable!

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Marietta Mary Lou December 25, 2005
Roasted Goose With Apple Rum Stuffing